A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This route is a bit dangerous. The farmers just let their cows roam so watch out on you way to the station!

~Behind the Scenes~

I made this game as part of GDL's Jamming January Jam 2017. I was my first Game Jam and I am so excited about it. I used Piskel 2 for art and the love2d Lua framework/engine. I learned it the same time I was making this so that was fun! I'm sure you guys can find a way to break it some more. Just leave a comment here or email me at macolby42@gmail.com for bugs and suggestions! I hope you at least get a little kick out of what I have created here this weekend. Thank you for just giving it a try.

Install instructions


Open the .zip file and double-click DangerTrack.exe


Double-click the .dmg file and add the DangerTrack file anywhere.


Danger Track 7 MB
Danger Track 18 MB


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it is cool it is hard for me.

This is good for your first game! I like how it even speeds up after a bit.
(The only thing, for me, is the death 8bit sound constantly repeats right after you die; it's a bit annoying atop the background music)

Thank you so much! I battled with myself on how to deal with that so this really helps! So, thanks